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AlleviateMe is much more than just a mobile massage, we are an ”experience”, a getaway to your sacred space, somewhere you can connect with your inner zen, re-charge your mental and physical energy by immersing yourself into true relaxation. AlleviateMe massage aim to provide you with a five star experience as-well as a highly skilled massage, our mobile massages are performed to perfection and we never rush! Our mobile massages and facials are enjoyed by men and women.

AlleviateMe understand life can be hectic at most times with the fast paced pressures of work, family and just life itself! With thanks to the internet the desire to have something via a few clicks is possible for almost anything to be delivered straight to your door and that is including an alleviating massage.
We have been providing mobile massage in London for many years and since our client base has increased so have your demands! And because we hold our clients with the highest regards we have added those additional services which make your experience simply ”perfect” with us.

AlleviateMe Mobile Services Locations & Times

Opening hoursWe often hear the worst part of a massage or a facial  is having to get dressed and leave so with a mobile massage there is no need to break out of the zen zone!  Luxury mobile massage and mobile facials straight to your home, office, hotel  room seven days a week from 9am to 12mid-night. We offer SAME DAY appointments and also EXPRESS appointments where we endevour to reach you within the hour if desired.

AlleviateMe offer mobile massage in ALL London areas, and we have expanded further out of London because we know you all need our alleviating hands!  AlleviateMe mobile massage is just a call away for those  Heathrow Airport stays, or perhaps your only here for a day or so in the Gatwick Airport area  we  can work our magic there too. Mobile massage London CIty Airport, Amersham, Surrey, Kingston and Essex, Redding, we are everywhere.

We are expanding further to the alleviate the rest of the UK too !! So dont worry if you do not see your city listed above, simply as us and we may be able to arrange something just for you.

AlleviateMe Mobile MasseusesOn Site Massage

AlleviateMe promote the UK’s finest masseuses and masseurs, highly skilled and qualified professionals passionate about massage and truly care about the quality you experience during your massage session.

As your satisfaction is highly important to us we ensure every new mobile masseuses and masseurs undergo rigorous in-house training program. We pride ourselves on quality so be assured you will be met by a courteous and well presented masseuses / masseur.

AlleviateMe understand the importance of quality over quantity! And we aim to work with masseuses and masseurs who really understand what it is to be a good massage therapist. We do not filter based on qualifications and experience alone, we seek to work with massage therapists whom contain the ”right” energy, massage therapists who understand just how important the power of touch really is.

two-hand-massage-ladyAlleviateMe Mobile Massages

AlleviateMe offer a selection of mobile massages which are perfectly suited to each of your individual needs. AlleviateMe massage is more than just another mobile massage agency, our massage sessions have been crafted together carefully to ensure your entire being enters a stage of true relaxation. Your mind is connected to your body, and ”it”must be relaxed  before focusing on your physical body. Our professional masseuses and masseurs work with various tools, such as numerous breathing techniques alongside visualisation exercises to create the perfect massage experience for you.

Expertly conducted to ensure all your muscles and cranks are relaxed giving you complete physical and mental well-being. Our mobile massages start at 60-minutes / 90-minutes / 120-minutes /  150-minutes. We do offer longer sessions which you can make your request  when booking your appointment.

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reflexology Massage
  • Hot-Stone Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Four-Hand Massage
  • Chakra Cleansing Massage

AlleviateMe Facials

AlleviateMe offer a selection of exquisite luxury mobile facials straight to your home, hotel suite and even work place. Our luxury mobile facials use the top of the range products to ensure you your skin receives utmost quality.

AlleviateMe mobile facials are conducted highly skilled therapists who work many female and male clients all over. Gone are the days when beauty focus was a ”thing” for women only!! Beauty facials are now recognised to be an essential part of routine ! Clear flawless skin is highly desired, and you know in order to maintain youthful skin your must ensure your skin is taken care of, and that does not mean invasive procedures. You simply need regular facials and it is that simple!

Our alleviating facials have been formed to deeply cleanse you’re skin and stimulate the oxygen reach to your skin maximising a youthful appearance by increasin the circulation of the blood under the skin allowing the skin optimal health to facilitate the renewal skin cells.

Our mobile facials decrease waste underneath the skin that can cause puffiness, ruddiness, and fluid accumulation by manipulating the lymphatic system that lies just under the skin.

Our treatments to stimulate and help replenish lost collagen using the most natural and highly effective collagen boosting facial products.

AlleviateMe Corporate Massages

On-site massage is the new way to go! Jobs which require you to be glued to your desk most part of the day/ evening can have adverse affects on your overall performance and health. And today’s day and age a magnitude of time is spent in front of a computer or hunched over a laptop which means its those chair-massage-illustration-226x300necks, shoulders and spines bear the hard brunt of it. It has been proven that a simple fifteen massage a day can really help increase focus and not to mention that ”happy feeling” due to the increase of dopamine you experience. A simple shoulder and neck massage has an incredibly soothing, and relaxing affect. On-site massage has become very popular today with more and more people focusing on good health and overall well-being. More and more people are seeking out natural remedies and what is more natural than a massage? NOTHING! On-site massage in the work place has incredible benefits. So if you want your employees to perform to their highest potential then we highly recommend you get in contact with us to discover the corporate packages we have for you.
AlleviateMe offer on-site corporate massage for offices, HR departments, hotels, we can supply our luxury massage packages are available to your office as part of a wellbeing event or even as part of a long term wellbeing strategy! Our relaxing and rejuvenating on-site massage services are available on a day to day basis, weekly or monthly. We even offer yearly contracts with substantial discounts and other amazing benefits designed to fit into any hectic office building.
On-site massage popularity is increasing very rapidly as more and more people are beginning to understand the true benefits of massage and how this can affect your work.
We offer a selection of highly skilled and professional masseuses who will work their alleviating hands to release you from tension and stress. On-site massage can have amazing influence on your workers which ultimately affects the success of the company. On-site massage will help the body release feel good chemicals called endorphins, as well as increasing blood flow to all major organs – an ideal way to keep staff happy and increase productivity within your company.
Get in touch to find out more.

AlleviateMe Casino Massage

Casino Massage AlleviateMe  provide some of London’s most exquisite on-site masseuses and masseurs in casinos across London, highly professional, incredibly skilled and immaculately presented. Our massage therapists are great hosts with exceptional communication skills and are proven incredibly popular among patrons ensuring their experience at your establishment is a memorable one. Massage is an amazing way to ensure your clients complete comfort and relaxation to assure a satisfying night. As you know massage increases endorphins which will create an overall happier environment in your casino.
Our on-site casino massage can be enjoyed by casino employees also as massage is a great way to decrease stress. Our on-site casino massage massages focuses on the most common areas of stress, the shoulders, head, neck and arms. Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs), carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, pain and headaches are all symptoms that our alleviating casino masseuses can help alleviate. Just 15 to 25 minutes can reduce the tension in the joints and provide pain relief. Out alleviating on-site massage can assist as an amazing cost- saver because al your employees will experience overall well-being. So if you actually care about your employees and your casino then incorporating our on-site corporate massage wil do wonders for you.
Our casino masseuses are available on a day to day basis, weekly, monthly even yearly, we can create the perfect bespoke package for yourself and your patrons.
To find out more about how an alleviating massage can benefit your casino then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss further with you, in the meantime you can click HERE for more info.

wedding-massage-londonAlleviateMe  Wedding Massage & Pamper

We know how chaotic and stressful preparing for a wedding can be so we have put together the most exquisite pre-wedding pampering session that will  completely rejuvenate you  leaving you ready to take on your big day feeling ZEN looking beautifully radiant. Our luxury wedding mobile massage package will blow your mind away, release yourself to our alleviating hands and feel and see the change. We can create bespoke wedding pampering packages for you as a solo and also group sessions available too. To read more about our wedding massage packages, please click HERE for more info.

To find out more about how an alleviating massage can benefit your casino then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss further with you, in the meantine you can click HERE for more info.

  • Bride & Groom Massage
  • Couples Massage
  • Bride & Groom Bespoke Pampering
Did you know one hour of massage
is as beneficial as seven hours of sleep?…

Amazing Benefits Of Massageceltic-healing

Massage is an ancient practise which has been aiding mankind for many centuries, history dates back thousands of years to ancient cultures that believed in it’s medical benefits. The first written records of massage therapy are found in China and Egypt. 2700 BCE: The first known Chinese text is called “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine.

For for centuries and many discoveries have been made about the amazing benefits massage has for physical and mental health. There are un-told numbers of benefits a massage has, below are a few listed.

  • Rehabilitation Of Injured Muscles– Deep tissue massage can be an intense treatment for damaged muscles, as it encourages the removal of poisons from the muscles and stretches tight or curved muscle mass. Deep tissue massage can alleviate damages sustained by injuries or surgeries by relaxing the muscles. An highly essential massage particularly among the individuals who are active be it physically or at work.
  • Decreases Stress – For those individuals who experience the ill effects of constant anxiety and stress, with the inevitable side effects; such as pressure migraines, rigid shoulders and tight muscles; a deep tissue massage can definitely help. During a massage session you feel those stresses eased and the increase of dopamine will do wonders for your mood.
  • Opens Micro circulation – The underestimated power of massage encourages the increase of blood flow to tissues as does active exercise. Massage also opens and dilates the blood vessels by stretching so nutrients can flow/pass through more easily.
  • Youthful Skin – Massage is also an amazing and effective massage technique to help stimulate youthful skin. The massage works by increasing blood flow and oxygen to your skin leaving you looking refreshed and radiant.
  • Massage For Thicker Hair – Indian Head massage is one of the most natural techniques to help stimulate hair growth promoting that thick full head of hair. Increasing blood flow and oxygen flow promoting nourishment to the scalp and hair follicle.. The massage also helps your hair grow strong from shaft to tip.
  • Concentration & Memory Booster – Massage eases down the brain over-load we all experience, brings you into a relaxed state of awareness. Thoughts quieten and awareness is brought to the forefront. Something like, being ”reset”
  • Body Detox – Helps clear blockages and in turn stimulation of lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck which helps remove waste products from the body. If the mind is cleared the body will follow.
  • Pain Prevention –  Many don’t know the cause of that returning migraine, headache and back pain is usually caused by tension in the upper back, neck and head. By applying pressure to points on your temple, crown, neck will stimulate the relaxation of muscles and encourage oxygen flow releasing muscles and knots, clearing those blockages to encourage better circulation of the cerebral fluid.

Amazing Benefits of Facials

  • Natural Face-LIFT – Facial massage stimulates the production of collagen and blood in the skin. Therefore regular facial sessions will work to tighten and lift your facial muscles, helping to prevent skin sagging and giving you a more youthful glow. A wonderful holistic alternative to invasive cosmetic treatments.
  • Uncloggs & Cleanses Pores – Dirt, pollution, oil, dead skin cells and makeup can cause your skin to overload and clog up your pores causing your pores to be visible. Having regular facials can help to decongest your pores creating that flawless look. Regular facials will eradicate those little dots forever and ever!
  • Evens Un-even Skin Stone – If your skin has scars from surgeries, wrinkles, or sun spots, a regular regimen of facial treatments help treat pigmentation and can also help even out the un-even colour tones. Regular facials are also excellent for those of you who suffer from blemish or un-even skin tone due to scarring or surgery.
  • Natural Collagen Booster – Collagen is the most common group of proteins in the human body, making up the majority of a person’s connective tissue. One of its purposes is to keep skin elastic, making it appear tighter and fuller as the skin’s collagen supply is replenished. This helps to smooth out wrinkles and other fine lines on the skin, particularly on the forehead and lower eyelids.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Remedy – Regular facials work as an amazing remedy and prevention for fine lines and wrinkles. Facials are is an excellent form of non-invasive treatment that can work to minimise the effects of sun and environmental damage, acne scars and aging. It is completely safe to use since it does not involve surgery nor do our facials require recuperation time.